August 27, 2018

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Thomas Graham
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Safety, security and environmental reviews of Interim Storage Partners’ application expected to be completed in August 2020

Andrews, Texas – Interim Storage Partners received confirmation from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that ISP’s revised license application for a consolidated interim storage facility provides sufficient information for the NRC to resume its detailed review for approval.

ISP, a joint venture of Orano USA and Waste Control Specialists, submitted a revised application on June 8, 2018, to construct and operate a CISF for used nuclear fuel at the existing WCS storage site in Andrews County, Texas. The original CISF license application was submitted April 2016 and docketed by the NRC for review in January 2017 (Docket No. 72-1050).

“As noted in the NRC’s letter, we are pleased that the quality of our submission met the NRC’s review requirements, including our initial safety analysis and environmental reports,” said Jeff Isakson, ISP president. “We look forward to an energized and timely process, and continuing to provide high-quality responses to any NRC requests for additional information.”

The revised application reflects the organization of the joint venture along with new leadership, but remains unchanged in its original proposal to securely receive, store and safely manage used nuclear fuel from shutdown U.S. nuclear reactors at a planned facility built on the existing 14,900-acre WCS low-level waste storage site.

In its application, ISP proposes an initial 40-year license to consolidate and store an eventual total of 40,000 metric tons of used nuclear fuel, developed over eight flexible phases. The CISF will securely store the used nuclear fuel with the same proven storage technology and commitment to safety demonstrated by Orano and NAC International at storage installations currently in place and reliably operating at reactor sites across the United States.

The NRC letter can be found at